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Black Rogue Racing
About Black Rogue


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About us
    Black Rogue Racing is a group of enthusiest dedicated to making our cars faster, look better, and stand out from the others.
    Some of the cars are highly modded some are new to the team and lightly modded. Our cars are an ongoing project. Our cars are constantly changing and being upgraded. So check the website often to see the changes to the cars.
    We also have a technical support e-mail now. We will help anyone with any infomation that we can supply them with. We also have an information e-mail and an events e-mail.
   Black Rogue Racing was started in early 2002. Since then the team has came along way and members have been added. Presentally we are looking for one more local member to add to the team.
The Future
   The team plans on eventually opening a shop. The name of the Shop will be The Speed Lab. We also plan on entering many areas of racing, from drag racing to road racing.