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Black Rogue Racing
Installing a header (Storm)


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Installing the Pacestter header on the Geo Storm

A picture of the header. It is alil blurry


The old exast manifold

The exaust mainifold removed, the power steering pump moved, and ready for the new header

Curtis modifying the header so the O2 sensor will go in.


The header installed

When we installed the header on the Storm it turned out to be more trouble then we had anticipated. To put the header on You must remove the power steering pump, and the radiator. When we tryed to put the O2 sensor in we found the Pacesetters hole was to small to put it in. So we bored out the hole until the sensor would go in properly. Then we placed the header in and bolted it up and put everything back together. The header worked great. It made the car sound great, a noticable power increase was noticed and the car seemed to stay in the power band. All in all the header seemed to be worth the trouble. If you would like any more information on the product or about the installation e-mail Curtis at