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Black Rogue Racing
Flame Shooting Exhaust


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Alright here is the schematics for a flame throwing exhaust. I used to have all the measurements for the capacitor and resistor but I lost them and haven't have time to sit down and figure them out again. But it is pretty easy to figure them out so.... but if you don't know how check back and I should have them back up in the next couple days. Remember that you can not run this system with your catalastic converter on and it is illegal to run your car without a catalastic converter in almost every state and provadence. So this is for show and race use only!


What you will need
1: A coil from a 6 cyl or larger engine
2: 1 Spark plug cable
3: 1 Good hot spark plug
4: 1 Capacitor size----??????
5: 1 Ballist Resistor size----?????
6: 1 Fuse holder and 5 amp Fuse
7: 1 Toggle switch (preferable a momentary switch)
8: 1 SPDT 5 prong relay
9: About 20 feet of 10 gauge red wire (+) for the relay back
10: about 10 feet of 12 gauge black wire (-) for the ground of the relay and spark plug
11: about 15 feet of 16 gauge red wire (+) runs from battery to switch to the fuse to the relay